Authors Information

Authors Information


Prospective authors are encouraged to submit an or some original and unpublished papers that fulfilled the following guidelines:

– Papers should be written in readable and plain English and between 4 to 6 pages.
– Language: English is the working language of the conference. If English is not your native language, please have your papers read by a native English speaker or seek online services of proofreading to improve the language of your papers. Please note that your paper is subject to further review, and it may be rejected if it is deemed that your paper’s English is not acceptable.
– Paper submission is done through the EasyChair system. If you already have an account for EasyChair just login with your existing account. If you don’t have an EasyChair account, you can register on the Easy Chair Registration Page or during the paper submission process.

Information for Author
Prospective authors are encouraged to submit an original and unpublished paper that are fulfilled through the EasyChair account and follow the Guidelines to prepare your manuscript.

We only accept submissions through EasyChair System. Submission through an email address should be considered a scam. Read here on how to create your EasyChair account.

Information for Presenter
The registered co-author must present each paper accepted to IICRO 2023 during the online conference. Each paper will be given 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for Q&A). The video conferencing platform chosen by IICRO 2023 is Zoom. It is preferred that presentations are given live in the virtual conference room. If the presenter’s Internet connection quality is not sufficiently good to run a live presentation, a pre-recorded video of the talk must be played; please read our guide below to prepare the video. Please connect to your session room in Zoom at least five minutes before the start of the session. Once in the virtual room, the session host will change your role from “participant” to “co-host” so that you will be able to activate your microphone and camera when it’s your turn to present. Please keep your microphone muted whenever other speakers are presenting, or a video presentation is being played. In any case, the speaker is required to participate live in the Q&A session to be held immediately after the presentation. Questions from the audience will be asked through the Zoom Q&A Chat and will be read out by the session chair. Speakers are also required to upload a pre-recorded video of their paper presentation. These are requirements for accepted papers to be published in LNCS Springer Publishing.

Information for Participant
A few days before the conference, if you are registered to the conference, you will receive notifications via email inviting you to download the Zoom Meeting Application available on both (-) to join the IICRO 2023 conference and to complete your profile. To attend the conference, you must log in to your Zoom Profile. We also will send you links to access the session. If you are interested in (e.g., Keynotes, Technical Sessions, etc.), you can click it from our links. The program will be also available on the IICRO 2023 website.

1. When you enter the session room in Zoom, you will be given the “participants” role. Your microphone and camera may be disabled.
2. To ask questions to the presenter, please use the Q&A Chat and choose to send your question to All panelists, so that both the speaker and session chair can see your question.
3. If during the conference, you have questions or you have difficulties in the Zoom application (for example, audio, camera, and sharing presentations on the screen), you can contact us on the Whatsapp Chat

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