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Higher education institutions as providers of human resources for industry must adapt to meet the competency needs of digital transformation in various sectors, especially scientific works. Various innovations must be made to increase human capital in accordance with the needs of industry 4.0. The fundamental thing that universities need to do is reviewing and redesigning the curriculum, encouraging mobility programs for foreign talents, collaborating with stakeholders including industry and government as users of university graduates.

This conference aims to provide a premier forum for the world of scientific work for discussion and debate on the Potential of Digital Transformation, Interdisciplinary, related technology standardization, and the impact of these technologies on society and culture during this pandemic. The conference brings together researchers, policymakers, developers, users and commercial enterprises – of course, anyone interested in the Web and what it has to offer.

The International Interdisciplinary Conference on Research & Opportunities (IICRO) is an international platform featuring original articles from various researchers, academics, practitioners and business entrepreneurs to create globally oriented research opportunities in the post-pandemic era by utilizing digital transformation technology.

The IICRO 2023 performance by International Institute for Advanced Science & Technology (IIAST) on 27-28 August 2023, taking place in Bali, Indonesia, has the theme “The Potential of Digital Transformation and Technology Disruption in Post Pandemic Era“. This year, IICRO will be held in a Virtual Conference where there will be online presentations from 3 fantastic keynote speakers , followed by presentations of participant papers. All papers accepted at IICRO 2023 will be published in conference proceedings and submitted for publication in LNCS Springer Publishing and SCOPUS.

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